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backing tracks

An audio form of recording which is based on the audiotape, digital or CD recording as the medium of synthesized instruments which is a rhythmic form of accompaniment is known as backing tracks. They are often a rhythm section or even accompaniment parts which are played by the live musicians along to sing.

Kind of format:

The backing form of tracks mainly comes in two forms which are familiar as audio and midi. In the case of midi, the musical data is sent between the electronic devices, information related to the kind of note that would be played, how loud it can be played, duration to play any kind of instruments that will be used and various other aspects are taken into to consideration to play the music.

Midi form of backing tracks will not send any kind of sound and depends upon the final link like the sound module, a keyboard which helps to produce the actual note of music that would be heard.

backing tracks

In the case of the audio form of backing tracks is mainly related to the simple way of recording the played back. This can be the recording of the midi performance, voices, instruments, or even a combination of them.

Both forms of backing trace have their benefits. Midi is more flexible and makes it possible to change the arrangement related to the song and key without having any kind of effect on the quality of sound.

The midi backing track is much more impressive when played using a sound module. In the case of audio, it is more reliable on a mp3.whatever the kind of backing track the best performance depends on the way the audio is used.