How Soon After Pressure Washing Do You Need to Seal And Stain Your Deck

The time period directly following the pressure washing for a deck can be turned into a veritable action film because of the fact that it would require you to do a lot of different things lest your deck sustain damage. Pressure washing is a lot like chemotherapy, and let us explain why we feel like that is an accurate comparison. In chemotherapy, the efficacy of the practice is undisputed, but there is a very fine line that you need to tread before the chemicals turn into poison rather than having a healing effect.

Similarly, too much pressure during house washing can make it really tough for you to feel safe and you might notice some damage occurring here and there. Another mistake that you can make here is that you might not seal or stain your deck after having washed it. Staining is not exactly mandatory, but sealing most definitely is due to the reason that it will help your deck stay sound in even the heaviest of rain storms.

It is essential that you narrow down the wait period to the most optimal level, because there is a fairly tight window for you to seal and stain your deck. Staining is something that you can do anytime as long as the deck is dry, but as far as sealing is concerned this is the sort of thing that needs to be done immediately after seventy two hours. Waiting any longer than this could potentially expose your deck to all kinds of water damage, and you can’t start earlier either since that would cause its own fair share of serious problems.