How Do I Transfer Bitcoin From Coinbase to Yieldnodes

Trade Wise

If you think about it, the history of the world is almost inextricably tied to the history of currency. Thousands of years ago when human beings first started to settle down in something we might have called society, we simply traded items for other items that appeared to be of a comparable value. For example, you might have exchanged three chickens for a shovel, or any other kind of trade that was worth your while once all has been said and is now out of the way.

Now, you don’t need us to tell you that human civilization would have been left behind in the dust if we had not progressed to more advanced modes of commerce. The first big change occurred when we started using gold and silver as universal currency, and then the switch to paper currency made transactions more reliable than might have been the case otherwise. Nowadays we are seeing an even more significant switch, one that Trade Wise is playing quite a huge role in. This switch involves moving from fiat currencies to crypto currencies, and we can think of no crypto asset that is nearly as famous as Bitcoin.


The reason behind this is that Bitcoin is the first of all assets in this class, so you might be interested in transferring some of your BTC to YieldNodes so that it can generate some revenue instead of lying around and doing nothing. It’s really easy to make this transfer, since Yieldnodes and Coinbase have a partnership with each other. Simply go to your Coinbase account, click on transfer and then put in the address of your crypto wallet on Yieldnodes.