If we look into the market almost all the products are needed cartons to pack it properly and neatly. In two ways this cartonis used to pack the product, the first one is manual and the other one is a mechanical (machine) process. Though the manual process provides a job opportunity to many people when we compared it to the machining process there are many drawbacks are existed. In general, during the manual process,thepackaging will take much time and also need more manpower. The finishing of thepackaging also will be of moderate quality. Ultimately these all are leads to the increasing cost of the process.

But, when we replace the machines for the packaging that will take care of all the processes themselves with the limited requirement of manpower. In case of the machines are automated then the process is further easy and minimum manpower is sufficient to complete the packaging process. These packaging machines are called cartoning machines. By installing the Cartoning Machine the packagers can do the job quickly and efficiently. The finishing can be improved to the maximum and ultimately that saves a lot of money to them.

Fine, what job the machine will do? The machine will take care of grabbing the cartons from the stacks and after loaded the products, it will fold the cartons and sealed automatically. All these top to bottom processes will be done by the machines and only one man is enough to operate the machine. The packages may pick any one of the two kinds of cartoning machines such as semi-automated or automated based on the budget and need.